Father & Son

"In the early 90’s, (By this time My dad had being pastoring an amazing growing church for about 20 yrs). My dad, in collaboration with the church board, decided that they needed show the community that there was a church willing to go out of the 4 walls. The community at the time was high on crime. The first event was a peace march. The local precinct sent 50 police officers to escort about 500 people that joined the march. That was the beginning of an amazing relationship between the church and the department.

A year later my dad became a police chaplain, and I would see many officers with uniforms and out of uniform come to my dad for advice and prayer. Serving police officers was and still is one of my dad’s greatest joys. Years later it's an honor for me to follow in my dad’s footsteps. 

To become an officer, is to have a special calling to serve others, even when you are not welcome. For my wife and me, to have the opportunity to just pray, encourage, and stand beside these and men and women is a blessing.  In the last year, we have had the opportunity to ride alongside many different first responders. 

It has been a blessing, to be able to see firsthand how our first responders carry themselves with so much dignity and respect. We are very thankful to Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy for this opportunity."

Rev Luciano Soto Jr.
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"I am grateful to God for the ministry of the Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy and for the privilege of serving our community with such dedicated, gifted servants. In my experience of more than seven years with the CCC, my life has been enriched through the relationships and experiences we have shared. The Chaplaincy has offered me opportunities to grow as a disciple and to deepen my participation in God's mission." 

Rev. Spike Coleman