Providing a calming, trusted 

 "Ministry of Presence" during times of need!


The mission of the Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy is to provide pastoral care and counseling for employees and families of first responders, as well as the general public. 

We assist the Coroner in notifying individuals who have lost a family member in an unexpected manner, assist the Mobile Crisis Unit and SWAT teams in hostage negotiations and other local emergency situations; and to provide follow-up visitations in the home or in the hospital for victims of crimes and their families!



A ministry of comfort, tending to citizens on the scene of a crisis, such as school tragedy, fatal traffic accident, suicide, or homicide.

We support those who are finding themselves amidst the chaos of a crisis and wondering, "what do I do now?"


A ministry of support, serving our First Responders both on and off scene, to help them thrive personally and professionally amid continuously challenging circumstances. 

Serving over 30 local, state, and federal government agencies and growing. 


A ministry of presence to survivors, offering love, resources, and a listening ear during time of grief and loneliness. 

Through our Survivor Follow Up program we help connect survivors to long term care.